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To display master data, proceed as follows:

  1. Branch to the header screen of the production order.

  2. Choose   Functions   Read PP master data.  

A dialog box appears where you can specify which master data can be read or for which explosion date it is to be selected.

  1. Specify which master data must be read:

  • routing

  • BOM or

  • routing and BOM

  1. If necessary change the explosion date for the BOM or the routing.

Note Note

If you want to read the master data with a particular revision status then you can leave out this step: The system copies the date from the revision status in this case.

End of the note.
  1. You can also specify the following data:

  • a production version to select the relevant BOM or routing alternatives

  • a revision status

Note Note

If no production version or revision status is maintained for the material to be produced then the corresponding field is not displayed in the dialog box.

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  1. Choose  ( ) .

The system chooses the selected master data again according to the specified criteria .