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Trigger points are assigned to operations just like components or production resources/tools (PRTs). You can create and assign them in the routing or in the order.


  1. Call up the operation overview in the order.

  2. Select the operation to which you want to assign a trigger point and choose  ( ) Trigger points.

The system branches to a screen that lists all existing trigger points.

  1. Enter a Usage and/or a description.

Specify whether the trigger point is to be used

  • to trigger a function (for example, to release operations, insert a reference operation set and so on) by setting the Functions indicator

Note Note

None of the functions maintained on the detail screen can be triggered if the Functions indicator is not set.

End of the note.
  • or as a release stop by setting the RelStop indicator

If an operation has a trigger point in which the release stop indicator is activated, the operation will be the last operation to be released by any previous trigger point in which the indicator "Release stop" is active. ( Example )

 ( )

You can use the same trigger point both as a release stop and to trigger a function.

  1. If you want to...

  • create a trigger point by copying a standard trigger point, press function key  ( ) to select and copy a standard trigger point

  • create several trigger points by copying a group of standard trigger points, press function key  ( ) Trig. pt. grp to select and copy a trigger point group

  • create a trigger point manually, you have to enter a usage and a description for the trigger point

  1. Using a double-click, call up the detail data for the trigger point .

  2. A screen appears with the title Trigger point - Workflow .

  3. In the screen section Trigger point - functions , select the function that you want the trigger point to carry out. In addition, enter

  • the status that is supposed to trigger the function

  • whether the function should be triggered when the status is Reset, Set, or Set and reset.

  • whether the function is only to be triggered once

If you have copied a standard trigger point, the system will already have this information.

  1. Choose Parameters .

A dialog box appears in which you may need to enter further information.

The fields that appear in the dialog box depend on the function you selected. If, for example, you have chosen "Include reference operation set", you must enter the task list group, the group counter for the reference operation set and also the operation number in the dialog box. The operation number specifies the operation after which the reference operation set is to be included.

You can also enter a selection profile in the dialog box. The function can then only be triggered if the status of the operation matches the selection criteria specified in the selection profile.

  1. Choose  ( ) and save the production order.