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When an operation is processed externally, you may want provide the vendor with parts required for carrying out the operation.


When a purchase order is created with reference to a purchase requisition, the system copies the components assigned to the external operation into the purchase order as parts to be provided to the vendor.


The following prerequisites must be met if you want a component to be copied into a purchase order as a part to be provided:

  • The component must be assigned to an operation with a control key that specifies external processing.

  • The indicator Subcontracting must be set on the external processing detail screen of the operation.

Note Note

If you want to assign a component to an external operation, but wish to exclude it from being sent to the vendor, you can overrule the Subcontracting indicator in the operation by setting the indicator Mat. provision ind. in the BOM item.

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The staging of parts to be provided takes place via functions in MM Inventory Management (see MM Inventory Management, Special Stocks and Inventory Sampling ). As soon as the goods receipt has been posted for the purchase order, a consumption posting is carried out of the parts provided. This causes the production order to be debited with the costs of the parts provided.