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The selection criteria for period-end closing normally do not change very often. Criteria that do change regularly are the closing period and the fiscal year. The period and fiscal year must be changed for each program or flow definition specified as a task in the task list.

To avoid having to change these values for every single program or every flow definition, you can define selection variables in the program variants.


You have defined the variables already. For more information, see Defining Selection Variables .

You are in flow definition in Schedule Manager (   Extras   Flow Definition   Edit Flow Definition).  

  1. Choose a processing step in the navigation area.

    On the right of the screen, you see Flow Definition: Task Details.

  2. Enter a new variant for this processing step and define a name for this new variant in the Variant field.

  3. Choose Create Variant .

    The screen Maintain Variant: Program <program name>, Variant <variant name> appears.


  1. Choose Attributes .

  2. Make an entry in the Description field.

  3. Now you want to specify variables for the period and fiscal year that you can then change once centrally for all programs and flow definitions that use those variables. To do this, under the heading Selection Screen Objects , select the column S in the lines Period and Fiscal year.

  4. Choose Selection Variables .

  5. To choose selection criteria for the variables P_FROM (period) and P_GJAHR (fiscal year), use the input help.

Note Note

You previously entered these variables in table TVARV.

End of the note.
  1. Save your entries.

    You return to the screen Maintain Variant: Program <program name>, Variant <variant name> .


You can no longer make entries in the Period and Fiscal year fields. These fields are now always filled through the current entries in table TVARV .