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You use this activity to define data fields to collect custom information during the manufacturing process (see Data Field Definition and Assignment).


You then assign the fields created in this activity to the categories and data types in the Data Field Assignment Maintenance activity (see Data Field Assignment Maintenance).


The following table describes rules and settings you can change for this activity in Activity Maintenance:




Automatically increments the next sequence number based on the setting value

The first value is the value to start the sequence and the second value indicates what to increment the sequence by.

The default value is 010, 010.


The following tables describe fields requiring explanation:




Data Field

The data field for custom information you want to collect. Browse to display available predefined data fields and previously created custom fields.


The type of data field

Text: Users can enter text in the field.

Text Area: Users can enter longer text in the field.

Date: Users can enter only dates in the field.

Number: Users can enter only numbers in the field.

Checkbox: Users can select a checkbox.

List: Defines a list of values that can only be selected during collection. You can assign List type to your custom fields. You can also change type to List for the Vendor predefined data field.

Note Note

You cannot assign fields of the List type to the Packing Container and Packing SFC categories.

End of the note.

Field Label

Label displayed for the field in production activities

Mask Group

The mask group used to validate the user input of the collected value (see Validation Mask Maintenance)

Browse Icon

If selected, users can browse on the field.

Note Note

The Browse Icon is enabled for predefined fields only. If you entered List in the Type field, Browse Icon is selected and disabled.

End of the note.

Pre-Save Activity

Custom activity that runs to validate the entry before saving the data for the specific data field

List Details



Data Field

The data field of List type you defined on the Main tab page


Indicates that the value in the selected row will be displayed in the Data Value field by default

Note that if you remove the default value, the next row automatically becomes the default.


The sequence or order in which the field values will be displayed in the browse. The system automatically generates the sequence numbers based on the settings defined for SEQ_INCREMENT activity rule.

Note Note

You can change the automatically generated sequence number in Data Field Definition Maintenance. The sequence value must be a whole number.

End of the note.

Value Field

The unique identifier of the field value available for selection

Value Label

Value label displayed to the user in the browse

Note that to enable the List Details tab page, you must enter List in the Type field.