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 Detailed Reports on Sales Order Cost Estimates Locate this document in the navigation structure


The following reports described are based on the data of a sales order cost estimate. Sales order cost estimates can be created in sales-order-related production.


In the selection screen, you can select report settings (some of which you can change once in the report) before calling up the report.

  • You can specify which cost base and which cost component view (for example, cost of goods sold) should be displayed in the report. If you don’t enter a cost base, the costs are displayed based on the costing lot size.

  • You can display the costs in company code or controlling area currency (if the data exists; see Currencies in Cost Estimates ). To do so, choose   Settings   Currency...  

  • You can select a predefined layout with   Settings   Layout...  

If you want to have multiple low-level codes displayed in the itemization, choose   Settings   BOM Explosion.   You can also specify that only material items should be displayed. You can have an additional field   Level displayed that shows the low-level codes of the respective report lines.

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