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When you create or change a production order you can exchange the standard sequence with an alternative sequence.


The following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • For alternative sequences to be copied to the production order this must be explicitly authorized (fields Sequence exchange and Altern.sequences in Customizing for Shop Floor Control, choose   Master data   Order   Define Order Type-Dependent Parameters   ).  

  • The branch and return operation specified in the standard sequence must exist for the alternative sequence.

  • The operation numbers specified in the alternative sequence must fit in the number interval specified in the standard sequence.

  • The alternative sequence must not overlap with alternative or parallel sequences.

A standard sequence can be exchanged with alternative sequences as often as you wish so long as the standard sequence

  • Does not contain any operations that are already released

  • Does not contain any operations with planned inspection characteristics

  • Does not contain operations for which QM actual data has been created

  • Does not contain any externally-processed operations for which orders already exist

If these conditions are fulfilled then the system ask you when copying the routing whether you want to exchange an alternative sequence with a segment of the standard sequence.


If you decide to exchange sequences the system lists all existing alternative sequences in a dialog box. If you want to compare the operations to be exchanged in the standard sequence with the operations of one of the alternative sequences you should double-click on the desired alternative sequence.