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 Planning Statistical Key Figures By Period Locate this document in the navigation structure

You can use the planning layout for statistical key figures to plan the costs for general cost objects with a periodic time base by period: Proceed as follows:

  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Cost Object Controlling   Intangible Goods and Services   Planning   Cost Object - Periodic   Set Planner Profile   .

  2. Enter the desired planner profile (SAP1 or SAP2).

  3. First press User master record and then Continue .

  4. Choose   Planning   Cost Object Periodic   Statistical Key Figures   Change   .  

  5. The screen   Periodic Cost Object Planning   Statistical Key Figures Change:   Initial Screen   appears.

    Enter the required data:

    – Version: Here you normally enter 0.

  6. ChooseENTER and then Overview screen .

  7. This screen appears: Change Cost Object Planning Statistical Key Figures: Overview Screen. The planning layout determines what cells can be entered or changed. Enter the current planned value, the maximal planned value, and the distribution key.

  8. ChooseENTER .

  9. The system calculates the planned values for your general cost object.

  10. Save your planned values.

  11. To see the planned values for each period, press Period screen .