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The lead time of an operation can be divided into the following segments:

  • queue time

  • setup time

  • processing time

  • teardown time

  • wait time

In addition to these operation segments, you can define a move time . The move time is the time needed to move a material from one work center to the next one. Move time is always between two operations and is assigned to the preceding operation.

The operation segments and the move time are used to determine the execution time , lead time and interoperation time of an operation. The following figure shows the various segments which make up these operation times.

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Using the teardown/wait simul. indicator in the interoperation times section of the Operation Details screen, you can specify whether teardown and wait are to be considered as simultaneous or consecutive operation segments in scheduling. If teardown and wait times are simultaneous, the lead time of the operation is reduced (see the following figure).

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