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This function enables the transfer of storage location data to SAP ERP when floor stock is moved from one storage location to another one in SAP ME. This transfer keeps storage location quantities synchronized between SAP ME and SAP ERP.

Note Note

Messages are sent to SAP ERP only for floor stock that was sent to SAP ME through a Transfer Posting with movement type 311. No messages are sent for floor stock that was sent to SAP ME through a Goods Issue goods movement type 261 because this stock is not visible in SAP ERP any longer (see Transfer of Floor Stock Data: Integration Details).

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  • SAP ERP is the system of record for inventory management; SAP ME is the system of record for floor stock management.

  • The floor storage location exists in both SAP ERP and SAP ME (Storage Location). The Central Storage Location exists only in SAP ERP.


  • You have received floor stock data from SAP ERP when stock was moved from a central storage location to a floor stock storage location in SAP ERP.

  • You have reviewed activity rule settings for Maintain Floor Stock in Activity Maintenance (see Maintain Floor Stock).


  • You do one of the following in SAP ME Maintain Floor Stock (see Transferring Inventory IDs):

    • Move the entire quantity of an inventory ID to another storage location (see Inventory ID)

    • Split an inventory ID and place the split inventory ID in another storage location (Qty on Hand for the parent inventory ID is reduced)

  • The system triggers the collaboration action COLLABORATION_STOR_LOC_MOVE.

  • SAPMEINT sends a goods movement with type 311 for the split inventory ID quantity placed in the new storage location to update the stock in the corresponding floor stock storage location in SAP ERP.