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You can delete costing results that are no longer required from the database when you specify certain criteria. This function is called Reorganization .


A cost estimate can only be deleted if it is not locked.

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A standard cost estimate is used to determine the standard price for the valuation of a material. Some countries legally require that the cost estimate used to calculate a standard price be kept on hand. You should therefore find out whether there is a legal requirement to archive your standard cost estimate. It is also recommended that you contact the accounting department and inventory management before deleting cost estimates.

If you delete a current standard cost estimate, the fields for the current standard cost estimate in the material master record (Costing details ) are reset to zero. If you use the Material Ledger, when you delete a standard cost estimate the standard prices are also deleted in the Material Ledger master data. The master record for the material then no longer contains a current standard price from a standard cost estimate.

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If you are going to delete a large number of cost estimates, the background mode is recommended.



  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Product Cost Planning   Environment   Material Costing   Delete Test Data   .  

  2. The Reorganization of Cost Estimates screen appears.

  3. Specify which cost estimates you want to delete:

  1. Enter the company code, plant and material number.

  2. Select one of the following options under Control parameters :

  • Future standard cost estimates

  • Current standard cost estimates

  • Previous standard cost estimates

  • Cost estimates not in material master

You can only select one of the 4 options.

  1. If these selection criteria are insufficient, you can further restrict your selection via  ( ) , for example by

  • costing status, costing variant or costing version

  • costing run

  • all cost estimates, only additive cost estimates or only cost estimates without quantity structure

  1. If you want to simulate the deletion run first, select Test run .

  2. Set the With list indicator if a log is to be issued listing all deleted material cost estimates (or in the case of a test run all material cost estimates to be deleted).

  3. Choose  ( ) .

In the Background:

  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Product Cost Planning   Environment   Material Costing   Delete Test Data   .  

  2. The Reorganization of Cost Estimates screen appears.

  3. Choose   Program   Execute in background   .

  4. The dialog box Background Print Parameters appears.

  5. Enter the required data (background print parameters) and choose  ( ) .

  6. If you want to execute the program in the background immediately , choose Immediately.

  7. If you want to schedule the job, enter the necessary data:

  1. Specify when the program is to be executed. The program is executed automatically at the specified time.

  1. Choose Date/Time to specify the exact point at which background processing should start.

  2. Choose After job if you want to specify that background processing should not start until another job has been completed, or After event if processing should not start until an event has occurred.

  3. Choose At operation mode if you want to specify that the job should run only at the weekend, for example.

  1. Specify whether the program is to be executed once or at regular intervals.

  1. If the job is to be repeated regularly, set the indicator Execute job periodically .

  2. Choose Period values to specify how often the job should run, such as weekly or monthly.

  1. Choose  ( ) to save the data for background processing.

  2. To display the job, choose   System   Own jobs   . For more information, see Background Processing .


When you delete a material cost estimate, the following data is deleted:

  • Basic costing data

  • Cost component split

  • Itemization

  • Log

In test run mode, a list appears showing the cost estimates that can be deleted.

In the reorganization mode, the system issues a message detailing the number of cost estimates deleted.