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You can make the following settings for routing selection:

  • Routing Selection

You can use the Routing selection key to specify:

  • whether a routing must be selected

  • which routing categories are permitted (for example, only routings, reference operation sets, or both)

  • whether routing selection is to be automatic or manual

You assign the routing selection key to an order type in Customizing for Shop Floor Control, by choosing   Master data   Order   Define   Order-Type Dependent Parameters   .

  • Selection priorities

The selection priorities specify the priorities according to which the automatic routing selection should take place (task list type, usage, status).

You maintain the possible selection priorities in Customizing for Shop Floor Control, by choosing   Operations   Routing selection   Select automatically   . You assign the selection priorities to the order type-dependent parameters (field selection ID ) for an order type.

  • Selection of alternatives/production version

With automatic routing selection you can specify in the material master that the automatic selection is to take place using the production version maintained in the material master instead of with the selection priorities. To achieve this, specify a value in the Alternative selection field in the MRP section that defines the bill of material selection using the production version.

To maintain the material master choose   Logistics   Production   Master data   Material master.  

  • Default values

If you work without a routing default values are used for operation data. The system creates an operation with these default values.

To maintain the possible default values in Customizing for Shop Floor Control, choose   Operations   Routing selection   Define default values   .