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The standard cost estimates have been marked for release.

Note Note

After you release a cost estimate for a material in a company code, you cannot carry out marking or release again for the current period. Before you release a cost estimate, you should therefore make sure that the future standard prices are correct. For more information, see Analyzing the Costing Run .

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Releasing the Standard Price

  1. In the Release step, choose  ( ) (Change parameters) .

The dialog box Price Update: Release Standard Price appears.

  1. Specify the release procedure. You can use the following functions:

  • Test run

Release in test run only; the database is not changed.

  • With list output

The system displays a list of the released cost estimates.

  1. Choose   Edit   All Selections   to enter further selection criteria.

The costing run which you are currently editing is displayed. You can change this proposal. You can also further restrict the selection to a particular company code or plant, for example.

  1. Save your entries with  ( ) .

  2. Choose  ( ) .

  3. You return to the Edit Costing Run screen.

  4. In the Release step, choose  ( ) to update the prices.

The results of the standard cost estimates are updated in the material master record as the current standard price. At that time, the stock value of the material is changed and the new standard price for valuating material movements is active.

 ( )

If you have set the Background processing indicator, the costing results are not released; instead, the system displays the Background Processing: Job Parameters dialog box. Enter the start date and other start criteria for the background job.

Choose  ( ) Copy to schedule or start the job. Choose   Goto   Job Overview   to branch to an overview of all background jobs.

If you choose   Goto   Schedule Manager   , you access the Schedule Manager .

Updating Other Prices

  1. Choose  ( ) .

  2. Choose Other prices.

  3. Specify the price field of the material master to which the costing results should be written.

  4. Specify the following:

  • Whether the update should take place in a test run first

  • Whether a list of cost estimates should be issued

  • Whether release should take place in the background

  • Whether parallel processing should be used

  1. Choose   Edit   All Selections   to define further selection criteria.

  2. Save the selection criteria, and choose Back .

  3. In the Release step, choose  ( ) to update the prices.