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In this process you edit the data in the routing header. This is the data that is valid for the whole routing. You edit both general entries for processing the routing as well as data for various specialist areas (for example quality management).

Use the current process, if you want to edit all the header data at once, irrespective of whether they are thematically linked or not. You can find some of process steps below in other process documentation, which describes more specialist aspects of editing routing data.


The following data already exists in the system:

  • The dynamic modification rule that you want to use for carrying out quality testing during production using this routing.

  • The classes for classifying the routing

If you want to classify the routing, the corresponding classes must have been created in the system.

Process flow

  1. You enter or change the routing header data. You determine:

  2. – The status and usage of the routing.

    – The planner group responsible for maintaining the routing

    – whether and for which order types the standard values should be calculated using the application component CAPP-Calculation of Standard Values (PP-BD-CAP) when an order is created.

  3. In the QM data you decide:

  4. – Whether the inspection is carried out using inspection point or not.

    – Whether the inspection scope is to be adjusted dynamically and if so, at which level.

    According to your decision you enter further data for inspection scope processing and dynamic modification.

  5. You enter a long text with explanations and notes for the header.

  6. If you want to find the routing in future by using self-defined classification attributes, classify the header.