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The steps necessary to produce a material are generally saved as operations and suboperations in a routing. The routing is selected on order creation. The individual operations and suboperations as well as other routing data is copied to the production order.

In exceptional cases, you may want to create a production order without using a routing. This situation can arise, for example, when you create an order for unplanned rework.

When an order is created, the system looks for a routing that is valid for the specified explosion date and that fits the specified lot size.

In Customizing and in the material master for the material to be produced you can specify whether a routing must be selected for a production order and according to what criteria.


The options that you have for routing selection are described in the section Settings for Routing Selection .

Validity of the Routing

The system takes into account during routing selection only those routings that are valid at the time of the conversion. The transfer date of the routing is calculated as follows:

  • If you have specified the order start date, the system takes this date as the transfer date of the routing.

  • If you have specified the order finish date the system calculates the transfer date from the order finish date minus the in-house production time defined in the material master.

    Note Note

    If you have specified in Customizing for material requirements planning ( plant parameters ) that the explosion date is to be at the end of the order ( bill of material explosion) then the system uses the same procedure: If the order finish date is specified, then this is copied. If no order finish date is specified then the transfer date is determined using the in-house production time.

    End of the note.

    Note Note

    If scheduled dates are specified instead of basic dates then the system calculates temporary basic dates while taking the relevant order floats (floats before and after production) into account.

    End of the note.

If a routing must be selected but no routing can be selected then the system reacts with a termination message and you must carry out order creation again.

Reading Master Data

You can copy the routing data again to the order. For more information, refer to Reading Master Data .

Data From the Routing

Depending on the setting in Customizing, the data in all of the detail screens is tested ( field operation dtl check in order type dependent parameters). If data relevant to orders is missing then the system displays the corresponding detail screens. You then have the option of maintaining this data again.

As soon as a routing is selected the data contained in the routing is copied to the production order. The production order copies the following data from the routing:

  • Operations

  • Data on external processing

  • Parallel sequences

  • Work centers

  • Standard values

  • Activity types

  • Bill of material assignments

  • Assignments of production resources/tools

  • Trigger points

  • XSteps (see Processing of Operations and Suboperations )