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In this process you design the basics of the production process by creating one or more sequences of operations. First you create a number of sequences, during which you only enter the absolutely necessary details for the operations.

Use this process, if you want to create all the sequences at once. However, you can also enter all the data for the operations and suboperations in one sequence before you create the next sequence. In this case you must switch between the current process and the process Editing Operations and Suboperations


In the system the general entries about the routing header data have already been created.

Process flow

  1. You create the operations in the standard sequence. For every operation you enter at least the control key in the operation overview of the routing.

  2. If one or more operations in your production process are to be replaced under certain conditions, create one or more alternative sequences. Enter a lot size, if you want the system to automatically select an alternative sequence based on the lot size.

  3. If in your production process several operations are to be processed simultaneously, create one or more parallel sequences.

  4. If you want to schedule your routing and have created parallel sequences, specify where floats exist due to operations with differing durations being executed at the same time. To this purpose, you create an alignment key for the standard sequence and every parallel sequence.

  5. You save the routing.