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The monitor shows the information on an active or completed job that was scheduled in the scheduler.


To enable the system to start jobs or job chains, you need to schedule them in the daily overview of the scheduler.


To determine the current status of jobs that are still running, you can repeat the database selection.

If you only wish to see jobs with a certain status, you can hide the other statuses.

The monitor is divided into three areas:


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  • Structure tree

The structure tree displays the workflows (expanded into substeps) and jobs which ran at particular times, in chronological order.

You receive information on:

  • The job status

  • The job runtime

  • The update status

Use the right mouse button to see the different functions available for this job, such as:

  • Start transaction

  • Restart report

  • Goto object monitor in the generalized worklist, and so on.

For more detailed information on a job, double-click on the required entry in the structure tree. The detail view appears.

  • Detail view of a job

By switching the tab titles you can select different detailed information (details, parameters, additional information) on a job.

There are four pushbuttons underneath the tab page. These are only active if corresponding data for the selected job is available:

  • Spool list

    Display of batch spool list(s)

  • Job log

    Display of the job log belonging to the batch job

  • Extract

    Online display of results lists that were saved

  • Basic list

    Online display of a short list that was saved. This list contains the most important information on a job.

  • Message list

If messages occurred for a job and these were saved, then the system displays them in the message area.

To go to a message long text, double-click on the corresponding message.


From a scheduled job, you call up the monitor from the daily overview of the scheduler.

You call up the required details for a selected job.

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