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In certain cases if can be useful to convert partial quantities of a planned order to a production order rather than the whole quantity. This is the purpose of the partial conversion function.

With a partial conversion the planned order quantity can be split into as many partial quantities as you like. A separate production order is generated for every partial quantity. Thus partial lots of a planned order can, as required, flow into production on different dates.


You can call up the function for partial conversion in the following places:

  • In the production control menu

  • From the current stock-/requirements list of the material to be produced

  • From the MRP list of the material to be produced

  • From material requirements planning


A planned order that is partly converted is fixed. A fixed planned order can no longer be changed by a planning run. Its secondary requirements are reduced according to the partial quantity entered.

The planned order remains until the indicator Delete planned order is set.

The Delete planned order indicator can be set in two ways:

  • The system sets the indicator automatically as soon as the planned order quantity is completely covered by production orders.

  • You can set the indicator once no further conversion of the planned order is required (that is, independently of any remaining planned order quantity).

Note Note

If a partial conversion is carried out and the routing selection or bill of material selection for the production order is controlled by a production version , then the production version is always used that is valid for the original planned order quantity.

 ( )

Partial conversion can only occur simultaneously for all partial quantities. If errors occur for one or more partial quantities, then those partial quantities without errors are also not converted. For example, a manual termination when a routing is being selected is also regarded as an error.

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