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 Creating a Trigger Point by Copying Locate this document in the navigation structure

You can create trigger points by copying from existing trigger points. In this way, you can assign standard trigger points to operations in a routing as well as in a production order.

Proceed as follows to create a trigger point by copying:

  1. Call up the operation overview.

  2. Select the operation for which you want to assign a trigger point and select the menu options   Goto   Trigger pnt overview.  

  3. You reach the Operation Trigger Points screen where any existing assignments are displayed.

  4. Select the menu options   Edit   Create by copying   Stand. trigger point  

  5. or

    select the menu options   Edit   Create by copying   Trigger point group  

    You reach a dialog box.

  6. Enter a standard trigger point or a trigger point group and pressContinue .

The trigger points are created.

See also:

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For additional information about trigger points, refer to the

PP Production Orders guide.