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Planner Profile

You use a planner profile to plan costs for general cost objects that have a periodic time base. Planner profiles control the planning process. They specify what planning layout should be used for each planning area.

Planner profiles determine which data is used in planning. Examples of such data are primary costs and secondary costs, activity receipt of the receiving cost object, and the cost object to be debited. You can also use statistical key figures from LO-LIS for planning purposes.

Depending on the planner profile, you can plan both direct and indirect costs.

To plan primary costs , enter the cost element and the corresponding amount.

To plan secondary costs on a general cost object that has a periodic time base, you must enter a sender cost center. The secondary costs are determined by multiplying the costs of the performing cost center by the activity input of the receiving cost object.

The price of a activity type is either calculated automatically for each cost center/activity type during automatic activity price determination, or specified manually. In automatic activity price determination, all primary and secondary costs go into the price. The costs that depend on the activity types can be planned in the planner profile as fixed and variable costs.

Note Note

You cannot plan overhead for general cost objects that have a periodic time base. However, it is still possible to distribute overhead costs to different general cost objects that have a periodic time base by using statistical key figures. The statistical key figures then serve as equivalences.

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You can choose from among four different standard profiles in the planner profile. For general cost objects with a periodic time base, the relevant standard profiles are SAP 101 and SAP 102.

  • SAP 101 for primary costs/activity types/planning using statistical key figures

  • SAP 102 for activity inputs/activity types/planning using statistical key figures

Planning Areas

The following planning areas exist:

  • Activity inputs/process inputs

  • Quantity planning/price planning

  • Planning using statistical key figures

Planning Layout

  • Determines the structure of cost planning

  • Defined for each planning area

  • Must be assigned to a planner profile

Assignment of Planning Layouts to Planner Profiles

Planning Layout


Planner Profile



Planning primary costs for cost objects


Primary costs/activity types/statistical key figures


Planning activity inputs for cost objects


Activity inputs/activity types/statistical key figures


Planning statistical key figures for cost objects

Not assigned to a particular planner profile. You need to assign this planning layout to a planner profile before you can use it.


The control data for the calculation of planned costs are defined by specifying the planning layout for:

  • Primary costs

  • Activity type planning

  • Statistical key figures

A number of standard planning layouts are already defined in the planner profiles.

The definition of the planning layout determines the structure of the screen template in which you plan the costs for general cost objects.

Note Note

You can create additional planning layouts in Customizing. The cost element and activity used is taken into account in activity type planning.

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