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 Executing Individual Conversion of Planned Orders Locate this document in the navigation structure


The planned order that is to be converted to a production order must be marked as convertible. The material must permit in-house processing.


  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop floor control   Order   Create   From planned order   .  

You branch to the initial screen for converting a planned order.

  1. Specify the planned order number as well as the order type of the production order that you want to create.

  2. If the order type specified uses external number assignment, specify in the field order the number of the production order to be generated. Choose  ( ) .

The system copies all the data in the planned order such as the order quantity, order dates and components. The system also selects a valid routing.

  1. Check the data copied from the planned order and change it if necessary.

  2. Choose  ( ) .