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Similar to primary costs, you can plan activity input on an internal order or order group, for each cost center/activity type, or for each business process. You can do this individually or in groups.


You require the prices for the activity types when planning activity inputs.

For plan-integrated internal orders in plan-integrated versions , the system takes the price from the current version (see also: Indicator in the Version for Integrated Planning ) When you change the price for an activity type, the system automatically recalculates the relevant orders. It calculates the quantity of the planned activity input using the price (for the activity type) to determine the planned costs on the internal orders. If you planned activity input for an internal order from a cost center or a business process, the SAP system updates the scheduled activity and the resulting credit posting on the sender cost center or the sender business process.

If you plan activity inputs on internal orders but integrated planning for internal orders and Cost Center Accounting is not active, you can use the Calculation version for ICA field in the version. This specifies the version from which the prices for the activity type are to be taken for valuing the activity input. If you do not specify a calculation version, the system uses the corresponding price from version 0 .

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The SAP system does not update the scheduled activity and the credit on the sender cost center for non-plan-integrated internal orders.

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  1. To replace the SAP 102 planner profile, choose   Planning   Set planner profile   .  

  2. Choose   Planning   Costs/activity input   Change.  

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