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Description of the reports available in the standard system for Product Cost Planning.


You can use the reports of Product Cost Planning to analyze the composition and origin of the cost of goods manufactured and cost of goods sold for various purposes, such as to increase production efficiency or establish price floors for sales.

You can use these reports to analyze the costing results of:

  • Material cost estimates (with and without quantity structure)

  • Base planning objects

  • Sales order cost estimates

Using Reports to Review Costing Results

It is advisable to use the reports in the information system to check the results of material cost estimates before updating the results to the material master as prices (such as the standard price).

Example Example

The Price versus Cost Estimate report allows you to compare the results of a costing run with a price in the material master.

End of the example.


The reports are assigned to report categories in order to provide consistent navigation through the information system. You can find more information under Structure of the CO-PC Information System and Report Categories.

You can adjust the available reports to meet your requirements, or add your own custom reports. For more information, see Customer Modification to the Information System.