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 Assigning Test Equipment to Inspection Characteristics Locate this document in the navigation structure


Production resources/tools (PRT) that you want to use as test equipment must be assigned to the same operation as the corresponding inspection characteristic.

The assignment of test equipment must be allowed in the control indicator for the inspection characteristic.


  1. In the operation overview of the routing select the operation whose inspection characteristics you want to edit.

  2. Choose   Goto   Insp. char. overview   .

  3. Select the inspection characteristic that you want to assign test equipment to.

  4. If you want to assign test equipment directly to the inspection characteristic:

    1. Choose   Details   Insp. characteristic General data   .

    2. In the References section enter the item number of the PRT that you want to use as a piece of test equipment

If you want to assign each material/inspection characteristic combination different test equipment:

  1. Choose   Goto   Insp. char. overview   .

  2. An overview of assignment values to inspection characteristics appears.

  3.   If the required material is not yet displayed in the overview, choose Edit   New Entries   ,   place the cursor on the material and choose Select .

  4.   Select the material in the value overview and choose Sel. Value   Insp. Equip. Assgnmt   .

  5. Enter the item number of the PRT that you want to use as an item of inspection equipment and choose Continue.