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Marking standard cost estimates has been allowed .

Note Note

Before marking a standard cost estimate, you should check the results of the cost estimate. For more information, see Costing Results and Analyzing the Costing Run .

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  1. In the Marking step, choose  ( ) (Change parameters) .

The dialog box Price Update: Mark Standard Price appears.

  1. Turn on the appropriate indicator to specify the marking procedure.

You can use the following functions:

  • Test run

Marking is in test run only. The database is not changed.

  • With list output

The system displays a list of the marked cost estimates.

  1. If you want to further restrict the marking criteria, choose   Edit   All Selections   .

  2. The costing run which you are currently editing is displayed. You can change this default value. You can also specify that only certain materials are marked (a particular company code or plant only).

  3. Choose  ( ) , then  ( ) .

  4. You return to the Edit Costing Run screen.

  5. In the Marking step, choose  ( ) .

Note Note

If you have set the Background processing indicator, the materials are not marked; instead, the system displays the Background Processing: Job Parameters dialog box. Enter the start date and other start criteria for the background job.

Choose  ( ) Copy to schedule or start the job. Choose   Goto   Job Overview   to branch to an overview of all background jobs.

If you choose   Goto   Schedule Manager   , you access the Schedule Manager .

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Marking enables the results of the standard cost estimate to be updated as the future standard price in the material master.