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A business transaction is an action carried out by the user on the screen, for example, the execution of a transaction or a function.

For example, you carry out a business transaction when you:

  • Release an order

  • Release an operation

  • Post a goods receipt

  • Enter a confirmation

  • Print an order

How Can a Status Influence a Business Transaction?

A status can

  • Allow a business transaction

  • Issue a warning before the business transaction is carried out, or

  • Forbid the business transaction

In the second case, you receive a warning message before the system carries out the transaction desired. It is up to you to decide whether you want to proceed, despite the warning.

Example Example

You want to mark a released production order for deletion. However, the order does not yet have the status "technically completed". The system issues a warning message informing you that the order is not yet technically complete.

End of the example.

When Can You Carry Out a Business Transaction?

To be able to carry out a business transaction, the following requirements must be met:

  • At least one active status must allow the transaction

  • No active status may forbid the transaction

When is a Status Active?

A status can be either active or inactive:

  • A status is active if it is set in the object.

  • A status is inactive if it either

  • has never been activated, or

  • it was active before but has since been deactivated.