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You can only mark cost estimates that have no errors. Such cost estimates have the status KA . Cost estimates with errors have the status KF . You cannot mark these.

The validity of the standard cost estimate corresponds with the current period in the material master.

Marking the standard cost estimate has been allowed .

 ( )

To mark standard cost estimates in a costing run, see Costing Run: Marking for Standard Price .


  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Product Cost Planning   Material Costing   Price Update   .  

  2. The screen Price Update: Mark Standard Price appears.

  3. Enter the posting period and fiscal year.

  4. Enter the selection criteria for the cost estimate to be marked:

  • Company code(s)

If you do not enter any data, the system selects all the company codes in the controlling area.

  • Plant(s)

If you do not enter any data, the system selects either all the plants of the company code specified, or, if no company code has been specified, all the plants of all the company codes.

  • Material number(s)

If you do not enter any data, the system selects all the materials for marking.

If you do not enter any selection criteria, the system marks all the cost estimates in all the company codes of the controlling area for which marking is allowed.

  1. Specify which valuation view is to be marked.

  2. This step only applies if you want to cost multiple values (see Group Costing ).

  3. Choose  ( ) Marking allowance to display the allowance for marking or to issue the allowance. ( See also Allowing Marking )

  4. The screen Price Update: Organizational Measure appears. For more information, see Allowing Marking . Choose  ( ) to return to the marking.

  5. By setting the corresponding indicator, you determine whether:

  • Marking should first take place in the test run

  • A list of the cost estimates to be marked should be issued

  • Marking should take place using parallel processing

  • Marking should take place in the background

  1. Choose  ( ) to execute marking.

Note Note

If you have set the indicator Background processing , marking is not carried out immediately. The system next displays the dialog box Background Processing: Job Parameters.

Set the indicator Immediate start if you want to start marking immediately in the background, or enter the date from which the job should be started. Choose

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  • Date/Time to enter an exact start date

  • After job or After event to specify that marking should not start until after the completion of another job or after a particular event

  •  ( ) Copy to save your entries and schedule the job

  •  ( ) or   System   Own jobs   to display an overview of all jobs

For more information, see Background Processing .


If you carried out marking online but did not set the indicator With list , the system issues a message containing the information as to how many standard cost estimates were marked successfully or had errors.

If you carried out marking online and set the indicator With list , the system displays a list of materials that were marked or, in the case of a test run, will be marked.

This list can easily be adapted to suit your requirements. For more information, see Functions of the ABAP List Viewer .

If you choose  ( ) in this list, you can go to the log containing the system messages. You can also edit this log and adapt it to your requirements. To go to the long text of a message, place the cursor on the desired line and choose  ( ) . To go back to the list of marked materials, choose  ( ) in the toolbar of the log. For more information, see Logs in Material Costing .

To return to the screen Price Update: Mark Standard Price , choose  ( ) in the application menu. If you choose  ( ) Log in this screen, you can call the log which you last generated once again.

 ( )

After marking, the results of the standard cost estimate are updated as the future standard price in the material master (accounting view and costing view). Marking does not affect the material stock value.

In a further step, you can now release the results of the standard cost estimate in the material master record as the current standard price.

Note Note

Provided no standard cost estimate has been released, you can cancel both the allowance for marking and the marking which has already been carried out. All marking in the selected company code will then be canceled. For the procedure, see Allowing Marking.

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