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 Rules for Maintaining Formulas Locate this document in the navigation structure

Formulas and formula parameters are maintained in Customizing - Work center :

  • Formula parameter in Define formula parameters for work centers

  • Formulas in Define formulas for work centers

You must define formula parameters that you want to use before you create formulas, if you do not want to use formula parameters that have been defined by SAP.

Usage Indicator

You use an indicator to determine where the formula should be used, for example in scheduling and costing.

General Rules

  • A formula can be up to three lines long.

  • There must be at least one space between operand and operator. Exception: brackets in a function, for example, SIN(A).

  • Formulas use the same syntax as the ABAP statement COMPUTE . For further information see ABAP User’s guide in the Basis documentation under Numerical operations .

  • Units are converted automatically.

Permissible Operations

Arithmetic functions

+, -,*,/

Trigonometric functions


Integral division


Square root


Exponential function


Natural logarithm


Splits in Formulas

If you want to take splits into account in a formula, you must explicitly enter the split in a formula parameter.

Note Note

In scheduling to calculate the execution time, the lot size is divided by the number of partial lots. In capacity planning to calculate the capacity requirements, the set-up time is multiplied by the number of partial lots.

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