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You can use this function to delete production resources/tools (PRTs) that are no longer available in the system. You then prevent them from being used in routings and orders.


There are two main functions for deleting master records:

  • Immediate deletion

You can only use this function for production resources/tools with a PRT master record (miscellaneous) .

Immediate deletion can only be carried out if the production resource/tool:

  • Is no longer assigned to an operation

  • Is no longer linked to a document

The production resources/tools are deleted logically, that is, you can no longer access their master records. However, the master records are still physically present in the database.

  • Deletion flag

You can set a deletion flag for all PRT categories . For production resources/tools with a PRT master record (miscellaneous) however, this is only possible if the PRTs are no longer assigned to operations.

You can still display production resources/tools for which the deletion flag has been set. However, you can no longer change or reassign them. During archiving or in the next deletion program run these production resources/tools are deleted from the database, provided that they are no longer used.

Note Note

At present, there is no archiving or deletion program for production resources/tools with a PRT master record.

End of the note.

You can remove a deletion flag at any time, as long as the production resource/tool has not been deleted from the database.

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