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You use this activity to create bills of material (BOMs).

This activity allows you to do the following:

  • Define the components for building an assembly

  • Specify the assembly operations where your operators or machines add the component to the assembly

  • View the phantom component assemblies (see Phantom Component Assembly)

  • Specify reference designators for the components (see Reference Designator)

  • Add alternates for the component

  • Enter custom data values (see Custom Data)

For more information, see Creating BOMs and Adding BOM Components.

  • You have created material records in Material Maintenance (see Material Maintenance).

  • You have created data fields in Data Field Definition Maintenance and assigned them to the data type of Assembly category in Data Field Assignment Maintenance (see Assembly Data Type).


The following table describes rules and settings that you can change for this activity in Activity Maintenance:




Controls the starting sequence and the increment value for the assembly sequence

The default value is 010.

Note Note

The accepted format is as follows: sequence string, comma separator and increment value. For example 010,10 means the first step ID is 010, the next step ID is 020. Increment and value must be the positive integers.

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If not defined, the existing system-generated defaults are used.

Note Note

The changes you make to the rule settings of this activity affect all sites of your system installation.

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