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Due to an error in the content, the REPORTERROR workflow event was triggered.

Error Handling

The workflow executes an error dialog. This contains a user decision. The user decision is sent as a top priority mail to the person whose name is entered in the detail screen for maintenance of jobs in the flow definition, in the When error, send to section (See also: Creating a Flow Definition ). That person receives the mail that an error has occurred in program X, variant Y in their mail inbox.

There are two options in the user decision.

Continue the flow with the next task

You choose this option if:

  • You corrected the error and rescheduled the job manually in a separate session, and are waiting for the job to be executed.

  • You executed the transaction online.

  • You decided that the error is not relevant.

Reschedule the job

You choose this option if you corrected the error and would like to use the Schedule Manager to control the rescheduling of the job.

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No user decision is called up for jobs that have worklists. This is because the error handling for worklists is triggered by rerunning the task steps in the workflow. Therefore, programs written for worklists always trigger the FINISHED event.

Graphical Representation of the Flow

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