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You can use this process to set up packing.


  1. In Data Field Definition Maintenance, you define data fields for the data to collect during packing (see Data Field Definition Maintenance).

  2. In Data Field Assignment Maintenance, you assign these fields to the data types of the Packing Container and Packing SFC categories (see Data Field Assignment Maintenance).

  3. In Next Number Maintenance, you define the numbering pattern for the container number (see Next Number Maintenance).

  4. If you want to print labels or other documents for containers, do the following:

    • In Document Maintenance, you define the documents you want to be available to print (see Document Maintenance).

    • On the Documents tab page in Container Maintenance, you attach the documents to containers (see Container Maintenance).

    • Set up the Document Print activity as an activity hook (SY520 or SY521) where you want the documents to print (see Document Print).

  5. In Container Maintenance you define containers.

    Note Note

    If you want to collect information about SFC numbers or containers that are being packed into containers, specify the data type of Packing Container category as Container Data Type and the data type of Packing SFC category as SFC Data Type on the Main tab page.

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  6. If you want to run user-defined activities during the packing or unpacking process, set up the desired activities as activity hooks to automatically execute during the packing or unpacking process.

    Example Example

    You can use the REOPEN_CONTAINER activity hook to automatically execute an activity when a container is opened. For more information about site-level activity hooks, see Setting Up Activity Hooks.

    End of the example.