Start Level 1 Node: Fiscal YearFiscal YearEnd Level 1 Node: Fiscal Year
   Start Level 2 Node: Fiscal Year and Calendar YearFiscal Year and Calendar YearEnd Level 2 Node: Fiscal Year and Calendar Year
   Start Level 2 Node: Shortened Fiscal YearShortened Fiscal YearEnd Level 2 Node: Shortened Fiscal Year
   Start Level 2 Node: Special PeriodsSpecial PeriodsEnd Level 2 Node: Special Periods
   Start Level 2 Node: Determining Posting Periods During PostingDetermining Posting Periods During PostingEnd Level 2 Node: Determining Posting Periods During Posting
   Start Level 2 Node: Opening and Closing Posting PeriodsOpening and Closing Posting PeriodsEnd Level 2 Node: Opening and Closing Posting Periods
      Start Level 3 Node: Opening and Closing Posting Periods: ExampleOpening and Closing Posting Periods: ExampleEnd Level 3 Node: Opening and Closing Posting Periods: Example
   Start Level 2 Node: Opening New Fiscal YearsOpening New Fiscal YearsEnd Level 2 Node: Opening New Fiscal Years
      Start Level 3 Node: Balance CarryforwardBalance CarryforwardEnd Level 3 Node: Balance Carryforward