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Archiving production orders is part of the general reorganization procedure for production orders.


To archive production orders only one archiving object is required. The archiving object is called PP_ORDER .

Process Flow

The reorganization of orders is divided into three steps in the SAP system:

  1. Activation of a deletion flag in the order

  2. Activation of a deletion indicator in the order

  3. Execution of an archiving session

Orders that have already been archived can be displayed again in the SAP system using a fourth step, called the retrieval function .

An order can only be archived after a deletion flag has been activated for it, either manually, or automatically (in other words, via a background report). After an initial residence time has passed, the orders that have been flagged for deletion are assigned with deletion indicators in a background run. After a second residence time has passed the orders are archived and simultaneously deleted from the database.

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