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 Creating a General Cost Object Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Cost Object Controlling   Intangible Goods and Services   Cost Object   Create   .

  2. The screen Create Cost Object: Initial Screen appears.

  3. Enter the cost object category (for a cumulative time base, choose cost object category SAP6; for a periodic time base, choose cost object category SAP2) and the key of the general cost object. Then chooseENTER .

  4.  ( )

    The key of a general cost object is unique within a client. If you are working with distributed systems, make sure that the key is unique in all systems.

    The screen Create Cost Object: Basic Screen appears.

  5. Enter a description and assign the general cost object to a controlling area, company code, business area (if applicable), plant (if applicable), and profit center (if applicable).

  6. The object currency is determined through the company code.

  7. If you have specified in the cost object category that you want to calculate overhead, the following default values are taken from the cost object profile:

  8. - Costing sheet

    - Overhead key (if applicable)

     ( )

    If you are using costing sheet PP-PC1 (supplied with the standard system), no overhead key is transferred because there is no overhead key in this costing sheet.

    Check the proposed control parameters for the calculation of overhead.

  9. Save the general cost object.