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You use this function to delete production resources/tools (PRT) that are no longer available from your system. This prevents you from using outdated PRTs in routings and production orders.


Fundamentally there are two functions for deleting master records:

  • Delete immediately

This is only possible for production resources/tools that have a PRT master record(misc.)

The prerequisites are that the PRT

  • is not assigned to an operation

  • is not linked with any documents

The PRTs are deleted logically, which means you can no longer access the master records. The records are still physically in the database.

  • Deletion Flag

You can set a deletion flag for all PRT categories. For PRTs with a PRT master record this only possible if the PRT is no longer assigned to an operation.

You can continue to display PRTs that have a deletion flag, you cannot however change them or assign them again. These PRTs are then deleted from the database in the next archiving session or when the deletion program is run. This only happens if the PRTs are not used anywhere..

Note Note

There are no archiving or deletion programs for PRTs with PRT master records (misc.) yet.

End of the note.

You can cancel a deletion flag any time you like, as long as the PRT has not been deleted from the database.

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