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In Customizing Work Centers under Define field selection, you can define the properties of selected data fields in work center screens .

A data field can be defined as:

  • an entry field

  • a required entry field

  • a hidden field

  • a highlighted field

The properties of the data fields in each screen group can be defined

  • in the Modified field view

  • in the Influencing view

Screen groups are for instance :

  • Basic Data

  • Default values

  • Scheduling

  • Capacity overview

The work center category for field selection is an influencing field in the work center in the standard system. This is the work center category that is used as a reference when you define field selection in Customizing.

Example Example

You want to specify in Customizing that only the standard value key SAP1 is used for work center category 0001:

End of the example.
  1. Enter the standard value key SAP1 for work center category 0001 in the default work center .

  2. Set the field Standard value key for work center category 0001 to display.