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For production resources/tools (PRT) with an equipment master record, you can:

  • Plan and monitor the wear and tear of production resources/tools

  • Create a preventive maintenance plan that relates to the degree of wear and tear

In this way, you can plan preventive maintenance measures to suit your requirements. The current degree of wear and tear is taken into account during the PRT availability check in production orders.


During maintenance planning, you enter the following information for a production resource/tool:

  • A PRT counter that contains information on the degree of wear and tear of the production resource/tool

  • The expected wear and tear for each operation

  • An activity-related preventive maintenance plan

PRT Usage Counter

In plant maintenance, you create a counter for the production resource/tool. You assign a characteristic to the counter, which has a unit suitable for displaying the wear and tear of the PRT. You enter the counter in the equipment master record of the production resource/tool.

You specify the initial counter reading by entering the number of available units in a measurement document. When you confirm a production order, the system creates a corresponding measurement document for the affected production resource/tool; that is, it automatically updates the counter reading.

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Expected Wear and Tear

When you assign PRTs in routings, you specify the expected wear and tear by entering the following data:

  • A usage value that specifies the expected wear and tear with reference to the base quantity of the material to be produced

The unit of measure of the usage value and the PRT counter must be identical.

  • A formula that the system can use to calculate the total usage value in the order, that is, the wear and tear to be expected for the order quantity

The system also uses this formula when deducing the actual wear and tear from the confirmed yield during confirmation. The PRT counter is updated with the value calculated in this way (see above PRT Counter ).

Preventive Maintenance Plan

To ensure that the production resource/tool is maintained on a regular basis, you define a preventive maintenance plan in which you plan the maintenance measures required depending on the counter reading. You enter the preventive maintenance plan in the equipment master record of the production resource/tool.

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