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When you create or change a production resource/tool (PRT), you can specify the availability of the PRT by entering its status. In this way, you can, for example, temporarily lock defective PRTs, in order to prevent them from being used. The status is taken into account when you:

  • Assign production resources/tools to operations in routings, production orders, or maintenance orders

  • Check the PRT availability in the production order.


How you can release a PRT and for which areas you can do this depends on the category to which it belongs.

  • For materials , equipment , and documents you specify in the status whether they can be used as production resources/tools.

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When you check the PRT availability in production orders:

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  • The system also carries out a static stock determination, that is, it checks whether there is sufficient stock at the time of the check

  • For equipment, the system also checks the reading on the PRT-usage counter

  • For production resources/tools with a PRT master record (miscellaneous), you specify in the status:

  • Whether the production resource/tool may be assigned in resource planning, that is, in routings and orders

  • Whether the production resource/tool is available for production and is therefore valid for the availability check in the order

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