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In the SAP system, the printing of shop papers is carried out in the form of lists. A list can be a complete printout of a pull list, for example, or a printout of time tickets.


List Types

The SAP system differentiates between the following types of lists:

  • Operation-based lists, for example, time tickets, confirmation slips

  • Component-based lists, for example Pull List, material withdrawal slips

  • PRT lists, for example, PRT overview

  • Multi-purpose lists, for example, object overview, operation control ticket

    This type of list can contain information about operations or production resources and tools, for example.

The lists that the system generates and prints refer to all operations, suboperations, components, and production tool and resources contained in a production order.

Note Note

You can change the names of the individual lists at any time. Because both list names and SAP script forms are stored on a language-dependent basis in the system, you can also print the list in various languages.

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Note Note

In the following text, the term operation refers both to operations and to suboperations.

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Print Types

Within printing, the SAP system differentiates between the following print types:

  • Original printout : The first time orders are printed

  • Reprint : Reprinting orders that have already been printed completely

    Caution Caution

    You trigger the partial printout of orders via the print type Original Printout , by using a selection profile that includes partially released orders.

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    Note Note

    In display mode, it is only possible to reprint lists.

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Print Forms and Print Programs

You can print using either SAPscript forms or PDF-based forms.

The form and the print program must be suited, in other words, if you are using a PDF-based form, you must also use a print program that support PDF output.

For more information, see the Documentation for SAP NetWeaver under   Application Platform (SAP Web Application Server)   Business Services   PDF-Based Print Forms   and SAPscript (BC-SRV-SCR) .