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 Defining Settlement Rules for Cost Object Hierarchies Locate this document in the navigation structure


The cost object category determines whether you must create this settlement rule manually ( manual account assignment ) or whether it is generated by the system automatically at the time of the first settlement ( settlement through material account determination ). You only need to create settlement rules separately for each cost object node if you are using manual account assignment.

You define the cost object category in Customizing for Product Cost Controlling in Cost Object Controlling under   Product Cost by Period   Master Data   Cost Object Hierarchies.  


If you are settling with manual account assignment, you define the settlement rules for the individual nodes as follows:

  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Cost Object Controlling   Product Cost by Period   .

  2. The screen Product Cost by Period appears.

  3. Choose   Master Data   Cost Object Node   Change   .  

  4. The screen Change Cost Object: Initial Screen appears.

  5. Enter the cost object and choose   Edit   Settlement Rule   .

  6. The screen Maintain Settlement Rule: Overview appears.

  7. Enter the account assignment category SKT and specify the number of the price difference account (such as 231000 expense to price differences) in the Receiver field.

  8. You can distribute the cost of the sender object to each of the settlement receivers as a percentage or as equivalence numbers (proportionally). In the Percentage field, enter 100 . This settles 100% to the price difference account.

  9. The settlement type for cost object hierarchies is always PER (periodic). The default value PER is normally already taken from the cost object profile.

  10. You can use the entry fields Valid from and Valid to to limit the validity period of a settlement rule.

  11. Save the settlement rule.

Note Note

If the Variances indicator in the settlement profile is selected, the system generates a second distribution rule for settlement of the variances to Profitability Analysis automatically on the basis of the settings in Customizing for Product Cost Controlling .

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