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Procedure documentationModifying a Product Cost Estimate with Unit Costing Locate this document in the navigation structure


You have created a product cost estimate for the sales order item.

A costing variant for a unit cost estimate for the sales document has been entered in the requirements class in Customizing for Product Cost by Sales Order.

Note Note

If you modify a product cost estimate with unit costing, any existing cost component split will be lost.

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  1. Choose   Extras   Unit costing  

    The itemization of the product cost estimate is transferred into the unit cost estimate.

  2. Enter any new items you want into the unit cost estimate or change existing items.

  3. If you want to use the sales order cost estimate to calculate the standard price of the valuated sales order stock, choose   Extras   Mark  .

  4. Save the cost estimate.


The unit cost estimate and the product cost estimate are written to the database.

If you are using a valuated sales order stock and the cost estimate has the status VO (marked), the result of the cost estimate can used as the standard price.