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Normally the selection criteria for period-end closing do not change very often. Criteria that do change regularly are the closing period and the fiscal year. The period and fiscal year must be changed for each program or flow definition specified as a task in the task list.

To avoid having to change these values for every single program or every flow definition, you can define selection variables.


You must assign a TVARV variable for the plant to each program that is to be run once for all plants.


  1. Call up the transaction STVARV ( Display table TVARV: Selection variables ).

  2. Choose Change .

    You can create, change and delete new variables.

  3. Define a parameter name for your variant.

  4. Call up the transaction SM34 .

  5. Go to view cluster VSMANTVARV .

  6. Specify the same parameter name for the variable as you did in transaction STVARV .

Note Note

Changes to the global selection variables specified for the task list are transferred to all variables specified in tasks in the task list.

End of the note.


You defined a global selection variable for Schedule Manager.

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