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You can set up backorder processing in such a way that only the requirements relevant to Shop Floor Control are displayed as missing parts. To do this, choose   Settings   Reserv. for prod.ords  

Dependent reservations that have not yet been committed, or for which a goods receipt has not yet been planned are displayed as missing parts. The missing quantity is displayed in the column Rec./reqd qty .


You can assign ATP quantities to the open reservations. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Position the cursor on the line with the reservation to which you want to assign an ATP quantity. Choose  ( ) Change commitment .

The system displays the details of the reservation on the date selected in the lower half of the screen.

The following data is displayed in detail:

Origin : The number of the product or assembly that requires material.

Order: Number of the source production order of the reservation.

Reqmts qty : Total quantity required for the reservation

Committed quantity : Quantity that has been committed in backorder processing.

ATP quantity : Available quantity that can be used to commit to requirements

  1. On the basis of the ATP quantity, enter the quantity that you can commit to the requirement in the field Committed qty .

  2. Commit the quantity by choosing Transfer . In this way, you can use the ATP quantity as the basis for committing missing quantities.

  3. Save your entries.