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You can either call up backorder processing directly from the initial menu for Shop Floor Control or from the missing parts information system.


  • If you are on the initial menu :

  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop Floor Control   Control   Backorder processing   Material   .  

  2. Enter the material number of the material to be processed and also the plant and choose  ( ) .

  • If you are in the missing parts info system :

  1. Position the cursor on the corresponding line.

  2. Select   Environment   Backorder processing.  

When you call up backorder processing, the system calculates the ATP quantities. The system displays the plant stock, any existing storage location stock and also any open sales orders.

The texts for the receipt and issue elements are analogous to the stock/requirements list. The different stocks (individual customer stock and so on) and storage locations are listed in separate sections.