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When you create or change a production resource/tool (PRT), you can determine whether it is freely available by using the status. You can thus temporarily lock a PRT, which is for instance defective. The status is taken into account when you

  • assign PRTs to operations in routings or production orders.

  • check PRT availability in production


How and why you release an individual PRT, depend on the PRT category.

  • For Materials , Equipment and Documents you determine whether they can be used as a PRT by setting a status.

Note Note

If you check PRT availability in production orders,

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  • the system also performs a static inventory audit - it checks whether a sufficient quantity is available at the present time

  • the system also checks the PRT usage counter for equipment.

  • For production resources/tools with PRT master records (misc.) you use the status to determine specially,

  • whether the PRT can be assigned in resource planning, that is in routings and production orders.

  • whether the PRT is available for production and consequently whether availability checks are permissible in an order.

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