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A where-used list produces a list of the task lists in which a work center or production resource/tool is used.


You can specify which task list types should be evaluated in a where-used list by using different selection criteria , such as task list usage or material number.

Note Note

To enable accessibility for this transaction, set parameter ACC_MODE to X in the user profile.

If you do not set this parameter to X , you can select an overview variant. The overview variant determines which task list objects (for example, header, sequence or operation) and which fields of the objects are displayed.

Overview variants are defined in Customizing for Routings under   General Data   Define Overview Variants for Object Views/Where-Used Lists   .

End of the note.


  • Where-Used List for a Work Center

    From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose   Logistics   Production   Master Data   Work Centers   Reporting   Where-Used   Work Center.  

  • Where-Used List for a Production Resource/Tool

    From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose   Logistics   Production   Master Data   Routings   Reporting   Where-Used Lists   Prod.Resources/Tools.  

To call up a view of a task list object from the where-used list:


Menu Path

For example, operation detail or PRT general view

  Goto   Detail  

For example, operation overview or PRT overview

  Goto   Choose