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You use this activity to create and modify storage locations.

You can assign work centers to storage locations.

A storage location is represented by a plant-unique 4-digit alphanumeric code. You must manually enter storage location details to send storage location information from SAP ERP to SAP ME.


This table describes fields requiring explanation:



Storage Location

Defines where floor stock is stored physically in the plant.

Note that this field must contain 4 characters to depict the same object as in SAP ERP.


ERP Transfer to Storage Location
  • You can split an inventory ID to move part of the floor stock to another storage location (see Transferring Inventory ID).

    You must setup the ALLOW_STORAGE_LOC_MOVE activity rule in the Maintain Floor Stock activity to determine if an edit of storage location is allowed (see Maintain Floor Stock).

  • You must assign a work center to a storage location in Work Center Maintenance to receive floor stock from it (see Work Center Maintenance).