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A document is a carrier of information. This information is either for the user/person responsible or for exchanging between systems. A document contains information that can be stored and it can take many different forms (such as technical drawings, graphics, programs, or text). When complete, this information gives a full description of an object.

We use the term document info record to refer to the master record in the SAP System that stores all the business information for a document. While the document info record contains the metadata for a document (such as the storage location), the original file (for example, the design drawing) contains the actual information in the document.


The document info record contains the following information:

  • Data that is descriptive in character (for example, laboratory)

  • Data with a control function (for example, document status)

  • Original application file data (for example, processing application or storage location)

  • Data that the system automatically copies (for example, CAD indicator)


Documents are identified in the SAP system using the document key fields:

Document number

Document type

Document part

Document version