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Changes to data elements in work centers are logged in change documents Changes to data elements are only logged in change documents if the following indicators have both been set:

  • The Change doc indicator in Customizing for Work centers under Define work center category.

  • The Change document indicator for the data element in the Data Dictionary.

For more information, see BC ABAP Workbench under   Extended applications function library   Change documents   .

You can use selection criteria to compile a list of change documents, for example, you can display the change documents for a certain person responsible or those produced on a particular date. All the changes made in one session are contained in one document number.


  1. From the Work cente r area menu choose   Reporting   Change documents.  

  2. Enter your selection criteria, for example, plant or task list type.

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    If you only want to select change documents from work centers in a hierarchy for the list, enter data in the screen section Selection by hierarchy. Refer to Reporting from Hierarchy Work Centers only


if the report...

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should be created and displayed

  Program   Execute and print  

should be created and printed

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should be created in the background